About Tim Ridge

I’m forty odd years old and live with my long suffering partener Jane.  I don’t have any children but dote on my two Yorkshire Terriers Pip & Molly

I work for Chapmans Angling as a sales assistant/advisor.

My List of big fish captures includes:   Tench 10lb – Linear Fisheries Hardwick lake, Bream 13lb 14oz – Hollowell Reservoir, Chub 6lb 12oz – Gt Ouse, Barbel 15lb 2oz – Trent, Roach 2lb 14oz – Tilery, Pike 19lb+ Yorkshire Lake, Eel 4lb 12oz – Surrey Stillwater, Rudd 2lb 2oz – Lincolnshire Lake, Dace 12 oz – Yorkshire Derwent, Perch 3lb 12oz – S.Yorks Canal.

I favour relatively natural waters for 99% of my fishing and though my resolve is occasionally tested I try to avoid commercials, considering the high stock densities present at such places to be immoral, cruel and unsporting.

My only interest outside of angling is football, I’m an ardent Sheffield Wednesday Fan.

Mo Mowlem, one of the few politicians that I consider to have any integrity

People I admire include Frank Gutfield, Barry Rickards, Denis White (yes fatha), Terry Curran, Mel Sterland, Daily Thompson, Ron atkinson, Brian clough, Mo Mowlem, David Plunkett, and anyone else who I consider to be kind, honest and hardworking…

George Courtney, In my opinion he either needed a white stick or more likely he was bent!

People I have zero admiration for include George courtney (the former referee), Tony Blair, Margeret Thatcher, Edwina Curry, Arsen Wenger, Brian the Blade, Adolph Hitler (just incase you wondered).and anyone else who I think to be lacking in one of the attributes mentioned above.


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